Attackhead was founded in Orange County, California in late 2002 by guitarist/singer Mark Chapman. In Febuary 2008 there full length CD "Voices in The Dark" was released and received airplay on over 50 terrestrial and internet radio stations world wide, from the UK, Canada, Belgium and Greece to Mexico, Germany and Argentina. They signed with Twisted Hillbilly Records in 2010 and re-recorded and re-released "Voices in The Dark - Second Attack" in the fall of 2011. The album was released on Vinyl in Feburary 2012. Attackhead tours nationally and internationally and has been featured in numerous magazines and webzines worldwide. There music is described as Old School Thrash that will make you "Get in the Pit!"

"I have used a lot of guitars over the years and have been endorsed by other companies in the past. But no guitar I have played has the feel and playability of a Spear. The guitars look as good as they play. I was sold from the first time I played one" - Mark Chapman

"These guitars are amazing! Right out of the box the bridge was set up from the factory just perfect. The action is great and the neck-to-body center is very well balanced. Coming standard with EMG-HZ pickups, my Gladius HT has excellent tone and "screams" when I ask it to. Very happy to be part of the Spear family" - George Portoulas

"I've owned several basses, none have ever been this comfortable right out of the box! Spear basses look great and have an amazing sound. I love this bass!!!" - Eddie "Munster" Ellis