BORN & RAISED is the product of Dane Ernst, Jon Meneley, and Carlos Pulido. During the fall of 2008, Dane was asked to get some people together to open up a show for Corey Posey. Dane called Jon and Carlos, who did not know each other at the time... (Continue Reading)

"These guitars came out of left field and just blew me away!!! I love my NSG and everything about it!! The quality of the wood, pickups, and the action. Straight out of the box this guitar felt amazing. Didn't even have to set it up. Can't wait to get more and try out some other models \m/ !!!" - Carlos Pulido

"I bought the Gladius FM HT BCH guitar from Spear and I love it. The stock pickups make for a crisp sound comparable to active EMGs. The guitar's setup makes for easy use and the action compliments quick fingers. Minimal tuning has been needed on stage and I love the tone. It's a great guitar and I'd recommend it to anyone" - Jon Meneley

“I bought the Spear V-DXE 5-string Bass and it's pretty stellar. The active pickups are a first for me and it is amazing how much you can actually manipulate the sound. The size and shape of the neck is extremely comfortable and for a bassist who holds his bass down so low, I can easily reach all of the higher parts of the neck. Oh, and the kill switch is so much fun to play around with! Definitely a bass I would suggest for people, and I really am looking forward to jamming on more!" - Vinay Badhiwala