Dakota Black is Southern Hard Rock/ Metal Band from New Smyrna Beach Fl. It consists of Neil Keeran, Steve Mannocchi, Shane Scaramellino, and Steve Baggott. All veterans of the Central Florida music scene, and played in area favorites such as Top Dead Center, Tranquilizer, Coletta and Grumpy*. Each member has years of touring, and studio experience, and has shared the stage with many national acts. Dakota Black is their new project which blends modern metal and southern rock, to bring forth the true Florida sound. Dakota Black is a band that is built on the values of hard work and dedication that are the true roots of America. With this outlook along with the creativity and experience of it’s members, the result created something that has been lost in music. A true American band with an American sound. (Continue Reading)

"The Spear RT-ST is a well balanced, great playing, great sounding guitar that embodies the sound of Dakota Black. It has quickly become one of my favorite guitars and sparks the curiosity of musicians every time I play it live. If your looking for an all around guitar that is versatile, reliable, and stylish, this guitar is the one" - Steve Mannocchi

"The Spear Flextool bass has a well rounded sound and excellent playability. Right out of the box, this bass rocked!! The powerful punch and undeniable clarity makes this bass a force to reckon with. Do yourself a favor, and pick one up" - Shane Scaramellino

“Badass looks, Badass sound!! The RD 150 BTK has a vintage to modern tone with a look that will stop you in your tracks.
Spear Guitars Rock!!” - Neil Keeran