Our band originated from various places throughout the U.S, spanning from Seattle, to L.A., to Kansas City, and even Denver. As a group, we have only been together since July of 2010! Separately we have all been in various bands throughout the years until finding the right combination in each other, and finally formed Death Bed Confession. The band began April 2010 in a coffee shop in Lafayette, Colorado. Bassist Paul met guitarist James, and the band was born. A few months later, Dingo and his sticks walked in. The quest for the perfect voice found Jay. Lastly, Brian emerged to thicken the guitars and complete the lineup. It was apparent when we all got into the same room that there was some sort of fire beginning. (continue reading)  

"Met the guys from Spear at the 2012 NAMM Show. Pickup an RD-Rock off the rack and never looked back" - James Chandler "I got my RFB-100(Light Blue) Spear Bass guitar and was instantly impressed with the quality. The stock pickups are powerful and have the sound that I love. I love this bass and toured Europe with it with no worries." - Paul Henry