Founding Member & Bassist of the Original Quiet Riot. One of the more successful hard rock acts in Los Angeles in the mid to late 1970s. Play clubs including the Starwood and KROQ's Cabaret nightclub to name just a few. By 1977 they were able to secure a deal with Sony, but their records would be released only in Japan. The original four members recorded their debut album Quiet Riot, or QR I, in 1977. Their second album Quiet Riot II, or QR II, was recorded at 'The Record Plant' and released in Japan in 1978. Once recording was completed, bassist Kelly Garni left the band. (Although Garni's replacement Rudy Sarzo was pictured and credited on QR II, he actually joined the band after the album was recorded.) (continue reading)

"The thing I like most about Spear Basses is that every time I pull one out, every one always comments what a great looking instrument it is. Then they hear how great they sound! For me, it's all about great they are to play." - Kelly Garni