Shrouded In Neglect, also known by their closest fans S.I.N. are unlike any Hard rock/Metal band in the Ohio Valley. Their HIGH ENERGY live performances show they love what they do and wont stop for anyone to do it. Weather its to thousands or just the staff they bring it 100% of the time, all the time! (Continue Reading)

"The spear S 2-E is hands down the most versatile bass I have ever played. From its high end tones I use for slapping and tapping. To the low end rumble for runs, the spear has never let me down. Accompanied by its unique shape and beauty it is a timeless instrument that I will enjoy forever. If anyone finds themselves in a position to purchase one and isn't sure, come to one of our shows and I will let you play it for yourself." - Rocky Johnson

"My Favorite thing about the Spear Gladius HT-SI is how light this guitar is! I'm a High energy musician on stage so having such a light guitar makes it so much easier to put on a good show for our fans. And the sleek thin neck is amazingly fast! The action couldn't be better. And the overall construction of this guitar is great. I’m so surprised at how durable this guitar is considering how light it is." - Nate Kepner