Scarlet Canary is a new band to Northern Colorado. The band itself is new to current rock music scene in Colorado, but the members themselves are not. All five members of the band have had a varied background in musical performance ranging from jazz to heavy metal. Scarlet Canary itself is a band that classifies its music as “hard rock.” The band utilizes heavy metal influenced guitar riffs and drum lines while the melody lines are sung through clean vocals headed by the bands front-woman; This combination of solid clean vocals with heavy guitar riffs make Scarlet Canary the perfect fusion of heavy metal and marketable rock and roll. The band boasts many influences and is capable of playing many different set lengths that feature all original songs or covers depending on the needs of the venue and the length of the set. The bands vocal influences are primarily based on Lzzy Hale from the band “Halestorm.” Scarlet Canary is a band that can put on a rock show performance perfect for all ages at any venue. To put it bluntly; “The canary is out of the cage.” (more)

"This guitar is the best sounding through neck you can get for the price. I'd take it over an Ibanez RG series any day of the week. It comes with EMG passive pickups which give Scarlet Canary that standard metal tone associated with hard rock. The guitar is gorgeous, the fans love it, and it's a blast to play on stage. The Gladius HT Blue Marble compliments our style and tone on stage in a way not many other guitars can, I love it" - Allen Maddox

"I really enjoy my T200Q. It's stylings are similar to a Shecter and the tone is comprable. I was a little unsure to try out the Spear brand pickups, but I took the risk and am glad I did. I like the tone associated with the pickups and honestly prefer them over our other guitarists EMG's. Great sounding, great looking guitar" - Jacob 'Swampman' Fleecs