In the early 2000's more specifically 2002 in Wayne,MI, Seven Story Fall was born. At age 11 Hunter Kennedy received his first guitar and decided to pursue a band, meeting many musicians and having members come and go many things happened over the span of the bands lifetime that helped with the decision to make Seven Story Fall a solo act and perform live with a full band. Sometime during the year 2004 the band became more serious and bigger shows started to come along such as these as being a noted few (from first to last/chiodos/mxpx/the color fred - milwaukee,wi) (a skylit drive/four letter lie/before their eyes - cleveland,oh) and also many festivals. (more)

spear is my first guitar endorsement and i couldnt be happier! from the light constuction, to the amazing detailed design and solid sound.I recommend this brand to anyone looking for quality that wont break your wallet. - Hunter Kennedy