Strike Twelve is every bar owner/patron’s dream – a beer-drinking, song-playing, hilarious, energetic party on stage. It’s hard to say exactly what to expect from a show, but having Strike Twelve in the lineup means you’re in for a fun night. The band first started jamming together in 2000 when its three founding members – Matty T (guitar/vocals), Joey T (bass/vocals), and Danny B (drums) – were (Continue Reading)

"For me, the SPEAR Flextool Bass really was love at first sight. I discovered them at the 2012 NAMM Convention and found myself returning to their booth all day long. I couldn't put it down. It's got a beautiful and original look, a light weight, and amazing feel. Most of all, it has an incredibly diverse spectrum of tones it can produce through its three pickup set up. Every show I play, I get other bass players coming up to me and admiring it. I might as well sell my other basses because I don't really want to play anything else anymore." - Joey T