The Knickers began in 2009 with Mike Legan and Joe Rini. With the additions of Kyle Bucci on guitar and matt Snyder on bass, the band has developed into a solid, hard working and always on the road group. After two years playing as a cover band, the band has focused on their own material. Their unique sound has been referred to as "Experi-Metal". With more new music in the works and their first (Continue Reading)

"I truly love the way my Spear Gladius plays and looks on stage! My fingers fly on that neck and the tone coming off those EMGs is perfect for the type of music we play. The lightweight on this guitar makes it that much easier to move onstage. The Scratched Metal finish on my Gladius stands out and gets a lot of compliments from our fans and fellow musicians. My Spear Gladius has seen numerous hours onstage and in practice and has always been reliable and a pleasure to play.” – Michael Legan

"What I love about my Spear RD 250 QT is how well the tuners keep my guitar in tune. I absolutely love the maple top on this guitar. When I first picked it up, my only concern was how well the stock Spear pickups would sound. Plugged it in, started playing and was amazed by the sound! I am truly honored to be part of the Spear Guitar family and look forward to the purchase of my next one.” Kyle Bucci