A 4 piece band that plays in their own unique genre of rock. Based out of Southern Colorado, The Magenta Incident is a group of young and multi-influenced creativity. They have been playing music together since April 2012. TMI has played in a vast variety of venues from coffee shops, to full concert venues, to the roof of Marcos Pizza. All of their songs are original, and relatable to the listener... (Continue Reading)

"I love my Spear RD 150! It has great hardware that looks very clean and doesn't slip out of tune easily. The neck is nice and thin allowing for great playability. The hologram finish is definitely the most attractive finish that I have seen on a guitar. Also, the body is very comfortable to play and extremely well balanced, which is important to me for when I move around on stage. The overall weight is pretty good for a Les Paul style body. The pickups are nice as well. They offer a wide range of versatility to my playing style because you can adjust the tone to a nice warm sound for bluesy riffs, and the same guitar will have enough flexibility to play a thick crisp crunch. Overall, this guitar is a lot of fun to play and I am happy to use it in both recording and live shows." - Aaron Peoples