Zetara first formed in 1991 has four members. Jerimie Roberts and Aaron Nyquist (original members) added Aaron's brother , kick ass bassist , Angelo Nana and now, killer drummer, Mike Bulach for an awesome back-bone to the band. The clean vocals and heavy riffs propel this band into it's own style of metal. (Continue Reading)

"The Spear RD-T is a perfect balance between heavy and playability. The solid body breeds warmth and deep heavy tone while the incredible action and floating tremolo make it easy to fly all over the place. Don't underestimate the RD-T it rocks with the best!" -Aaron Nyquist

"The Spear RD-T "Marble" has a smooth marble looking paint job. This guitar is a lot of fun to hold and play. It's set neck design and mahogany wood makes for great tone and sustain. The tremolo is killer too. This thing stays in tune. You can dive bomb and do rises and she snaps right back into tune. A great axe for chopping metal!" - J.J. Roberts